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Save the Bees! Bee Removal Blog

Why Do Bees Collect Pollen?

Bee Pollen is mixed with water and to form a type of bread that is fed to the growing larvae. It provides rich source of proteins and fat whilst honey provides energy (carbohydrate).

Bees collect about 20kg of pollen every year that’s 1 million pollen loads at 20mg a go.

I have Bumblebees in My Shed/Compost heap...

It is not possible to move that nest, they will die but did you know that bumblebees are under threat (even yours from you :-) . They do struggle to find natural habits these days and are very non aggressive. If you can live with them until the Autumn the bees will naturally leave anyway and not use that nest again. If you are reasonably careful you will be able to walk around them real close up, without them bothering you at all.

That is why we make every effort to extend the lives of our native bees by placing them in remote locations to 'do their work'.

A Beekeeper uses smoke to "calm" the bees, How does this work?

Fundamentally smoke interferes with the pheromone (smell) communication 'language' that the bees use to raise the 'We're under attack' alarm.

In addition, when smoke enters a hive, bees immediately divert to eat* as much honey as possible as there is immediate danger from fire, something bees seem to be instinctively aware of. So they start preparations to abandon the hive at a moment’s notice. This diverts them whilst the beekeeper takes their home apart.

*Not actually 'eat' but store the honey/nectar in their honey stomach that they can regurgitate from later.